Trump to be judged by facts not fiction

Now that we have President-elect Trump awaiting inauguration, we are now trying to separate fact from fiction. Fiction got him elected and facts will now land on his oval office desk starting in late January 2017.

The rather sad thing in all this is that many, many of those hyped-up rally supporters, to whom he spewed forth his fiction, really know little of political policy details. They will simply continue believing and hoping in what “The Donald” kept telling them. The wake-up will not happen for some years to come, well after Trump’s leadership has already been thoroughly evaluated based upon facts.

Assuming that Trump’s dictatorial aims at governing hits the ‘wall of democracy,’ a wall which Mexico will not pay for, the facts and truth, will trump the fiction and lies. Trump’s base which elected him will, once again be angry, disillusioned, ill-informed and looking for someone to bail them out.

In the meantime, the millions who did not even bother to vote this time around, will hopefully have recognized the necessity of being an active part of our democratic system of government. This system has the potential of tremendous growth, prosperity, personal fulfillment and being a beacon of light for the world.

The choice is ours. The concept of “We the People” being both the backbone and driving force undergirding our democratic system of government was never more needed than right now. The dangers of mass warfare and even extinction, because of technology and advanced capabilities in all aspects of life, are too evident to be ignored.

The good news? It seems to me that the vast majority of “We the People” have values, wisdom and the incentive to live these values and wisely promote them within our democracy. America can truly be American the beautiful and the land of the enlightened living.

– Bob McClellan, Polson

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