Polson, Ronan conclude first half of the golf season

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RONAN GOLFER Anthony Camel attempts a put at the end of the front-9 at the Ronan Invitational Thursday afternoon at Mission Mountain Golf Course. (Jason Blasco/Lake County Leader)

The Polson boys, girls golf team concluded the first half of its season on a short week with a golf outing Thursday afternoon at the Mission Mountain Golf Course in Ronan.

The Polson Pirates boys team captured first place behind the shooting of Carson McDaniel, who fired a 75 on the course.

McDaniel and Matt Hobbs continue to battle each other for supremacy and that No. 1 position while still maintaining a team concept golf coach Bill Owen said.

“I was impressed with the scoring being steady and 75 is a pretty good score on this course,” Owen said. “This course is kind of tough and unpredictable. I was very impressed how our team handled it.”

Despite McDaniel’s success this season, Owen said he felt McDaniel still hasn’t seen his best golf as the Pirates approach the midway point of the season.

“Carson still hasn’t seen his best rounds and in golf a lot of things can happen,” Owen said. “Golf is a real challenge. It is good to have the type of competition we have with each other on the team (this season).”

Owen continues to encourage the competition between his team while still putting an emphasis on the team concept.

“The key thing is being able to compete with each other and I feel the best thing that we can get from our season is to come away with the trophy at Divisionals,” Owen said. “We have to battle with our own teammates every day and it’s a day to day battle when Carson has his teammate pushing him like he does.”

Libby sophomore golfer Ryggs Johnston, who is verbally committed to golf at Arizona State, captured the tournament victory, firing a 66 on the day.

“I am really hoping we continue to compete with each other as a team and they have to keep the team concept in mind and care about each other’s progress,” Owen said. “We continue to talk about supporting each other and caring about what the other does.”

Pirates finish in the top-10

Two of Polson’s girls golfers finished in the top-10 in the Mission Mountain Classic.

Cali Cannon and Esme Yarbrough both fired in the top 10. Cannon shot 103, Yarbrough shot a 105 and freshman Berkley Ellis fired a 116.

The Pirates didn’t have enough people to compete in the tournament as a team.

“There is a lot of good competition on the girls golf team between each other,” Owen said. “I know Cali beat her and they finished in good competition with each other. They all care about the team concept.”

Owen said the completion between his girls teams this season gives them a solid opportunity to compete at state this season.

“They have a good chemistry together and my kids are supporting one another,” Owen said.

Olson captures third at Ronan Invite

Ronan golfer Brooklyn Olson captured their in the Ronan Invitational Thursday afternoon at Mission Mountain Golf Course.

Olson, who is golfing as an individual in this tournament, continues to finish in the top-10 in several events in her quest to qualify for the Class A state tournament.

Last spring, Olson finished 11th in the Class B state tournament.

Ronan Invitational

(at Mission Mountain Golf Course)

Thursday, August 31, 2017


Team scores: Polson 325, Stevensville 334, Libby 358, Columbia Falls 363, Frenchtown 366, Whitefish 367, Corvallis 384, Ronan 412, Dillon 423, Browning, NS.

Top 10 individuals

1, R. Johnston, Lib, 66; 2, Carson McDaniel, Pol, 75; 3, Matt Hobbs, Pol, 77; 4, Z. Frost, Stevi, 79; 5, J. Painter, Stevi, 81; 6, D. Wolff, FT, 81; 7, C. Kahle, WF, 82; 8, Trey Kelly, Pol, 82; 9, L. Lybbert, C. Falls, 82; 10, J. Watters, Stevi, 86.

Team scoring

Polson (325): Carson McDaniel 75, Matt Hobbs 77, Trey Kelly 82, Colby Devlin 91, Hogan Kelly 94.

Stevensville (334): Z. Frost 79 J. Painter 81 J. Watters 86 S. Craft 88 I. Yazvac 91.

Libby (358): R. Johnston 66 A. Freese 92, R. Vogel 98, S. Sanders 102, T. Thompson 119.

Columbia Falls (363): L. Lyggert 82, T. Langton 93, T. Perkins 94, R. Powell 94, DJ. Laycock 127.

Frenchtown (366): D. Wolff 81, M. Oyron 94, N. Martelle 92, G. Emmons 99, B Duhame 106.

Whitefish (367): C. Kahle 82, J. Schwartz 85, J. Cripe 98, W. Winkler 102. A. Stein 107.

Corvallis (384): M. Mckay 93, M. Glenn 93, L. Schlimgen 94, N. Hull 104, A. Pintok 113.

Ronan (412): Anthony Camel 96, Conner. Cornwell 96, Bryant Hales 105, Caden Rhine 115, Thomas Pretty on Top 125.

Dillon (423): M. Southan 92, T. Wahl 97, T. Gardner 114, L. Miller 120.

Browning: B. Kittson 154, C, Falcon 172.


Team scores: Whitefish 415, Libby 450, Frenchtown 461, Browning 464, Corvallis 495, Polson, Ronan, Dillon, Columbia Falls NS.

Top 10 individuals

1, C. Ockler, FT, 88; 2, L. Huber, Dil, 91; 3, Brooklyn Olson, Ron, 92; 4, E. Shaw, WF, 97; 5, G. Young, WF, 101; 6, Cali Cannon, Pol, 103; 7, M. Archibald, WF, 104; 8, S. Bradeen, Lib, 105; 9, Esme Yarbough, Pol, 105; 10, J. Sure Chief, Br, 107.

Team scoring

Whitefish (415): E. Shaw 97, G. Young 101, M. Archibald 104, A. Elm 113, E. Buck Master 121.

Libby (450): S. Bradeen 105, H. Cannon 113, A. Snyder 115, S. Croucher 117, K. Hageness 128.

Frenchtown (461): C. Ockler 88, H. Armitage 118, C, Gusfin 127, G. Bintz 128, M. Chestnut 132.

Browning (464): J. Sure Chief 107, S. Butterfly 112, D. Polk 118, M. LaBuff 127, L. Fitzgerald 148.

Corvallis (495): K. Storrud 109, S. Knapp 120, S. Storrud 125, K. Patterson 141.

Polson – Cali Cannon 103, Esme Yarbrough 105, Berkeley Ellis 116.

Ronan – Brooklyn Olson 92, Madyson RunningCrane 125.

Dillon: L. Huber 91, M. Marsh 126.

Columbia Falls: E. Opalka 130


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