Mission Mountain Mascot Mayhem: Polson-Ronan Basketball Rivarly Preview

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John Heglie breaks down the upcoming rivalry game between Polson and Ronan basketball.



by John Heglie



Ronan Maidens at Polson Lady Pirates on Friday, 21 December 2012 at 6:00 pm 


When it comes to the girls basketball version of the Mission Valley rivalry game between Polson and Ronan, the outcome of these contests have been disproportionately bleak for the Maidens over the past several years.  Most of the contests have been double figure losses.  Some of the more competitive teams trimmed that deficit into single digit territory, but the outcome nevertheless ended in the loss column.  Last season hit what is likely to be a historic low, where an invisible shield almost seemed to encircle the rim and Maiden players could have purchased a vowel more easily on the Wheel of Fortune than they were able to net a basket.  The team could only convert a single deuce in each of the first three quarters, netting a pair of deuces the final period to account for all of 10 meager points scored by only two players.  One has to leapfrog back in time to January 2007 when Ronan was still part of the Northwestern A Conference to find the last time the Maidens beat Polson, which was by a single point 32-31.   On the purple & gold side of the spectrum, Polson placed second in the Northwestern A last year and went on win its first state tournament game after an extensive drought before being eliminated.

The shoes of basketball fortunes seem to be worn on different feet thus far this season. Before the season started, the Maidens were relegated to the cellar of anticipated standing outcomes.  But after the first two and a half weeks of play, Ronan stands at 4-1, having most recently beaten Loyola, dispatched favored Eureka slated to win the District 7-B crown and emerging victorious in triple overtime against the Florence Lady Falcons, the latter who were picked to finish second in District 6-B.  Since both Loyola as well as Florence recently dispatched Thompson Falls, the Lady Bluehawks having been favored to capture the 6-B crown by prognosticators, one would be inclined to make the case that Ronan must be considered a team of contention not only when they matchup with Class B foes, but anytime they take to the court.  Meanwhile, the Polson Lady Pirates are currently struggling at 0-3 with a road skirmish awaiting them on their slate against the Frenchtown Lady Broncs before they mix matters up with the Maidens.   

But as rivalry games tend to go, it tends to make little difference whether one team is up or another down.  The nature of the longstanding rivalry itself tends to level the playing field.  In an effort to boost the appreciation levels of prospective basketball fans, it was felt that presenting a brief profile of the principle players on each team would not only help boost interest in the game, but also enhance the viewing pleasure of the contest itself.




Volleyball all-district honorable mention as well as basketball all-district honorable mention senior 5-3 guard Courtney “The Conundrum” Clairmont, as such an apropos descriptor conveys, throws teams into a bit of a quandary as to how to go about defending against some of her capabilities.  If challenged too far out or defended too tightly under a person-to-person defensive scheme, she can turn on the afterburners with a zip by her defender to drive the lane for a slashing layup.  But if opponents pack in around the paint to deny her or other Maidens from delivering disheartening deuces, she merely recalibrates by torching the net from the outside with a triple from beyond-the-arc.  Hence consternation about the conundrum caused by Clairmont, who has successfully dialed the operator long distance and completed the call for over 50 career triples and has turned in a decade worth of double digit games.


Volleyball all-district 2nd-team as well as softball all-state, twice all-conference (B-C 1st-tm 12, NWA 1st-tm 11) Wenatchee Valley College recruit senior 5-6 guard Ashleigh “Rocket” Lynch has an acumen for acceleration as her nickname belies, reflected in being one of the leading thieves of basketballs on her team the past pair of seasons.  She was also tied for second among her team last winter when she dispensed double-digit dishes for assists.  Lynch has already crested the prep career century plateau for both points netted as well as rebounds gathered, so everything she tallies her final season counts as added gravy to pour on top of the heap of mashed stats.  


Versatile multi-sport athlete junior 5-9 forward Alaina “Wheels” Madsen was a  valuable supplemental reserve last season who contributed strategic minutes in relief of starters needing to catch a breather.  She is currently on pace to exceed the statistical input she contributed to the team effort last winter.  As her nickname suggests, Madsen can shift into another gear when she needs to motor down the court.  The occasional tread marks left behind from some of the maneuvers she executes on the hardwood may call for some additional buffing by the custodial crew to recover that optimal sheen to the polish on the court.


When all-district 2nd-team junior 5-9 forward “Ragin” Raymi Clairmont laces up her sneakers, the predictable forecast for any game is likely  to be that of a brewing storm of some kind.  What awaits to be seen is what category of strength will be unleashed from the tempest that threatens and how much damage might be incurred.    To date Clairmont has turned in  10 games in which she scored double figures with career highs of 23 points in a road victory against District 7-B foe Troy last season and most recently a 29 point performance in a triple overtime win over visiting Class B powerhouse Florence.  As a sophomore she tallied single season dual century club membership for both cumulative points scored as well as rebounding.  


The Maidens will also be counting on sophomore 5-9 forward Kendra Starkel to shine with some SPARQL on the court (Steals, Penetration, Assists, Resourcefulness, Quickness, Leadership). Starkel is a versatile all-around contributor who tends to impact numerous facets of the game when she is on the floor.  In a similar vein to some of the potatoes the family raises in the Mission Valley, Kendra keeps her eyes peeled for any opportunity where she can sprout an advantage that can be exploited to the benefit of her team. 


Track & Field throws dual accolade (Western B all-conference shotput, all-conference javelin) sophomore 5-9 forward Aspen Jore reset the Ronan school record book in the javelin throw by over a dozen feet during the track & field season last spring as a freshman.  Such a feat belies strong upper body strength for contesting rebounds or pushing putbacks through the thrashing arms of defenders.  Like the chucks she so adeptly tosses in such field events, Jore is also effective at throwing a few roundball maneuvers around when near the basket.  Some of her offensive output that can carry a sharp point includes her precision free-throw shooting from the charity stripe and high-percentage shot selectivity from elsewhere on the court.


Tri-sport junior 5-10 center Courtney Taylor filled in as a supplemental reserve last season.  One of the strengths contributed by Taylor was resourcefulness at reeling in rebounds, where she averaged close to a trio per game with limited minutes on the court. She has already exceeded her point scoring  contributions from last season and looms as a more significant factor around the net for the Maiden fortunes at both ends of the floor this time around.


Freshman 5-5 guard Brylee Weatherwax not only exhibits a fair amount of poise on the floor for a novice to varsity level competition with the minutes she contributes in relieve of other players, but also provides the Maidens with an additional deep threat from beyond-the-arc with her touche triple talent.  Weatherwax recently dropped a pair on Class A Whitefish at the Tip-Off Tournament with her relief minutes during a quarter where her input to the cumulative team effort blew open the game point spread to insurmountable proportions. 


Track & Field all-conference (Western B high jump) sophomore 5-9 guard Sydnee Clairmont has been honing a sharper edge to good all around game skills among her roundball repertoire.  Her speed and quickness can close the gap when intercepting ball handlers at the defensive end of the spectrum, while that same run-like-a-gazelle stride capability allows her to gain those crucial steps that open up opportunities at the offensive end.  


Fleet-of-foot junior 5-3 guard Angela North Piegan is another of the skilled ball handlers among the Maiden arsenal.  Scrimmaging against a six-foot-plus brother at earlier stages in her basketball development are now reaping the rewards of roundball resourcefulness.  Although she saw limited action last season in relief of others, she finished with one of the higher free-throw shooting percentages on the team and came close to averaging an assist per game.    North Piegan has also displayed an aptitude for picking the pocket of unprotected possessions, like the back-to-back steals she pinched from Florence ball handlers that were crucial in disrupting the Lady Falcon offensive rhythm in the waning minutes of the contest and contributed to forcing the game into overtime that the Maidens eventually won in quite dramatic fashion.  


When a car breaks down, drivers often place a call to Triple A (AAA) to help them out.  But when the Maidens need to apply some form of intervention into aspects of their game, they might call upon a modified version of this acronym that warrants the enhanced designation Quadruple A (AAAA) by simultaneously injecting Alaina, Angela, Ashleigh and Aspen onto the court to deal with a situation.  




Track & field all-conference pole vaulter (11); volleyball two-time all-conference (2nd-tm 12, hm 11) and basketball all-conference honorable mention senior 5-4 guard Mackenzie “Bodacious” Banner has been a regular presence among the NWA conference statistical categories for the past pair of seasons with current TOP TEN statistical credentials for shooting treys, free-throw shooting and assists.   One of the decided strengths to her game is her background in equine cutting competition, which has sharpened her eye for reading subtle physiological clues and body English betrayals of ball handler intentions which aid anticipation of what an opposing player is liable to do or where a ball is likely to bounce.      


Volleyball all-state, two-time all-conference (1st-tm 12, hm 11); softball all-state, twice all-conference 1st-team and basketball all-conference 2nd-team,  PHS Defensive MVP (11-12) senior 5-8 forward/post Heidi “Rumblin” Rausch is the leading scorer as well as rebounder for the Lady Pirates.  Rausch is tantamount to a basketball embodiment of the allusion behind the movie entitled The Postman Always Rings Twice, for when she brings her package to the vicinity of the basket, she keeps pounding away as many times as might be necessary until it get delivered. 


Track thrice all-state, thrice all-conference sprinter plus two-time all-state, three-time all-conference relay-runner; golf twice all-state, thrice all-conference  and basketball all-conference honorable mention senior  5-5 guard Anna DiGiallonardo is the speedster on the Lady Pirate roster.  In a cartoon world of comparisons, “Anna D” could be likened to a real life basketball version of the animated characters of Road Runner or Speedy Gonzales because of how quick she can move.  The fortes of DiGiallonardo tend to be in the realm of steals and assists, but when she gets in a groove, rebounding and scoring can rise to the forefront.


Softball two-time all-conference 1st-team (of 12, ut 11) junior 5-9 forward Jessica Bagnell climbed among the rungs of the NWA Conference TOP TEN ladder for blocking shots her freshman season, but has thus far shown a penchant for dishing assists this season.  


All-conference, back-to-back NWA divisional champion cross-country runner and tennis ball bashing junior 5-11 post Hallie “Double H” Hovenkotter is emerging as a proficient rebounder as she climbs the rungs of the NWA TOP TEN ladder.  She has been flirting with posting some double-doubles this season, and once she refines the craft of netting putbacks, should emerge as a significant contributor for scoring as well.


Junior 5-10 post Monika Frame has been refining techniques for maneuvering her own frame around defenders to create better access to the basket where her shooting touch can net additional points for her team.


Junior 5-3 guard Malia “Shnookums” Hamel may have acquired her nickname in part because of her penchant for snookering taller players out of strategic ball possessions when she wades into traffic congestion and emerges from a pileup with the ball in her hands.


Cross-country two-time all-state, thrice all-conference junior 5-8 guard/forward Tegan “Teegs” Bauer has been working at refining various aspects of her game to become a more complete player.  One of her strengths is an eye for exploiting passing lanes where she can assist a teammate in picking up a score.


Twice all-state, thrice all-conference golfer and softball all-conference 2nd-team junior 5-6 guard/forward Jaylin Kenney has savvy court awareness for capitalizing upon various nuances of the game in motion that allow her to exploit opportunities that arise for disrupting the offensive rhythm of opponents.


Junior 5-10 post Breanna Harrison has been steadily improving at numerous facets of her game.  The range of her reach tends to alter the trajectory of attempted shots within her vicinity.  


Freshman 5-10 forward/post Nicole Lake placed 15th for nanny slamming (aka goat tying) at the 2012 National Junior High Rodeo Finals, indicative of transferable crossover skills applicable for any game of basketball where diving to the deck to tackle elusive critters as well as tying up loose ends quickly bear striking similarities in many ways to pursuing loose balls or tying up a rebound possession.   


A more comprehensive preview of the Polson Lady Pirate player profiles can be viewed online at the following locations:

Lake County Leader (29 Nov 12) abridged preview article entitled: “Lady Pirates set to bombard the net this season,” is featured unabridged as a cyber article at the following link posted 1 Dec 12 <  http://www.leaderadvertiser.com/sports/article_e25af9d8-3b3f-11e2-b95c-001a4bcf887a.html  >

NWMTA online article entitled “Polson Lady Pirates 2012-13 Preview” cyberlink <  http://www.ihigh.com/nwmta/article_149359.html  >.




The girls basketball contest between the host Lady Pirates and the visiting Ronan Maidens is anticipated to be one of the closest it has been in years.  The Maidens have been placing multiple players in double figures the past few games.  That is not something that has taken place very often in recent memory.  In the triple overtime marathon against Florence, the Maidens had a trio of players turn in double-doubles with a fourth just missing by a single deuce.  If Ronan can bring a similar level of competition to the court that they have exhibited in the Florence and Eureka contests, they are going to give the Lady Pirates a handful to contend with.  The current rendition of the Maidens seem to exhibit a degree of spunk and grit that is more pronounced this season than has been observed among teams of more recent vintage.  Added to this mix is a convergence of maturing skill, mental focus and an air of confidence that all blend together to forge the mettle of these Maiden into a team that must be reckoned with.  Polson will have the familiarity of their own gym and a home crowd as advantages, but the crowd aspect will be somewhat neutralized by a swell in attendance from the orange & black fan base coming to watch their team play.    The one distinct advantage that the Lady Pirates have going for them is in the height department, but such an advantage can always be countered with superior positioning and quicker reaction to opportunities.  Having observed this rendition of the Maiden players in action, the Lady Pirates will need to shift their team shooting percentages out of the teen and twenty doldrums into the thirtieth to fortieth percentile range to hold these visitors at bay.   Like safety conscious atomic physicists, each team would be advised to get the lead out as well as implement containment protocols so that one side doesn’t go nuclear on the other. Girls action commences at 6 o’clock on Friday evening at Linderman Gym. 




Ronan Chiefs at Polson Pirates on Friday, 21 December 2012  7:30 pm 


Similar to their Maiden counterparts, it has been a while since the Ronan Chiefs have emerged victorious after an encounter with county rival Polson.   But more often than not, most of these boys basketball rivalry contests end up being decided in the waning minutes of the final quarter.  A trio of the closest within a half dozen year span have been a 64-62 overtime victory by Polson in January 2008, a 50-48 regulation triumph by the Pirates at Polson in January 2009 and a 47-44 Chief win at Ronan in February 2009.  The most dominating games of Ronan over Polson of recent vintage trace back to the 2006-07 winter campaign when Ronan beat their county rivals both times during the regular season while part of the Northwestern A Conference.   The game with the biggest point spread took place in Polson on 20 February 2010 when the Pirates placed five players in double figures for an 88-50 win. The biggest single player scoring extravaganza within recent memory goes to Ronan when sophomores Mike Fisher and Nolan Harris combined to drop ten triples on the Pirates in Polson in their 65-55 road triumph on Polson‘s court.  The Chiefs only placed two players in double figures in that contest, but the numbers were huge.  Harris scored 31 points and almost seemed unconscious from beyond the arc as he drained 8-12 three-pointers in what had to have been a special scoring dispensation accorded to him on account of it being his birthday.  The other player scoring in double figures that night was then senior Cameron Barber, now an assistant coach for the Maidens, who added further frosting to the cake with 17 points.  But most of these Polson vs. Ronan rivalry games tend to be decided by under 10 points.

Both teams come into the current contest fairly evenly matched with the Chiefs at 2-3 and the Pirates at 2-1 pending the outcome of  the game against Frenchtown in Polson the night before both play each other in the rivalry match.   The height advantage initially would have tilted slightly in favor of Ronan, but the earlier than anticipated return of Riley Sampson at the post from a football shoulder injury almost negates the inch factor.  Where the Chiefs tend to excel is at running that high octane offense which can be a challenge for any team to contain.   The Pirates tend to be oriented toward a more methodical approach, but they’ve also got folks who can kick into another gear as they head down the court.

Much like was done by means of presenting an introduction of the respective players on both girls basketball teams, a mini synopsis of each player on both boys basketball teams will be presented with the view toward boosting the appreciation levels of the fan base following both clubs so that the viewing pleasure of the contest can be enhanced to maximum effect.




Football all-state, multiple all-conference (District 6-B 1st-tm RB, 2x 1st-tm OLB 12/11, hm P)  senior 5-8 guard Carston Baertsch had multiple double figure games last winter and is continuing that trend this season.  He is the second leading rebounder on the team at this juncture of the season.


Football all-conference (District 6-B hm RB, hm CB) senior 5-8 guard Dallas Jore is hovering around 8 points per game with a pair of double digit deliveries in a pair of contests where he was a more significant factor in team offensive productivity.  Jore has the second leading combined field-goal percentage on the team entering the rivalry matchup and shares team honors as a leading contributor of assists.


Senior 5-9 guard Zach Wagner was a supplemental reserve last season who showed promise as a point producer with his minutes on the floor.  He is currently averaging in the vicinity of 8 points per game and leads the team in rebounding entering the rivalry matchup.  Wagner is also one of the better free-throw shooters on the team.


Junior 5-9 guard Tim Woll has grown up exposed to an extensive amount of coaching strategy through the years. Because he was an attentive student who paid attention to what was going on, the accelerated development of his basketball IQ is now paying out rich dividends at this stage of his prep career.  Woll has turned in a trio of double figure scoring outings thus far into the young season, leads the team in assists as well as steals and also shares high scorer honors entering the rivalry matchup.


Junior 6-4 post Daniel Aylesworth provides the Chiefs with a post presence around the basket, averaging just under 5 points per contest.  He is the third-leading rebounder on the team and is currently converting free-throws from the charity stripe close to the 70th percentile. 


Sophomore 6-5 forward Kollin Wroblewski brings a distinct height advantage for the Chiefs into this contest.  Wroblewski is currently averaging  close to double figures and has emerged as one of the leading scorers on the team.  Entering the rivalry game, Wroblewski was converting his shooting opportunities within the 60th percentile range.


Sophomore 5-5 guard Alex Quequesah is one of the leaders on the team for converting treys from behind-the-arc with half a dozen to his credit as well as holds the best three-point shooting percentage on the team at this juncture of the season..


Other Chief players among their roster include football all-conference (District 6-B 1st-tm C) senior 6-0 forward Cody Mock and sophomore 5-7 guard Colton McCrea.  Both have factored into the scoring fortunes of the Chiefs thus far into the season, an indication of bench depth that can generate points when others are catching a breather.  Other players are occasionally called up to supplement the roster by rotating into the Chief lineup.


Track & field multiple accolade credentialed jumping champion (LONG JUMP - twice all-state, twice all-conference (Class B 12, Class A 11), 2012 Western B Divisional champion; TRIPLE JUMP - 2012 State B Champion, twice all-state, twice all conference (Class B 12, Class A 11), 2012 Western B Divisional champion, 2011 NWA Divisional champion) senior 5-9 guard Jalen Bell, as one might surmise from his athletic portfolio, doesn’t seem to be weighed down to the same extend by gravitationally imposed earthbound syndrome.  In other words, Bell can leap much higher than his deceptive 5-9 height might suggest and poses a matchup difficulty for those assigned to guard him.  Also to be taken into account about Bell is that he happens to be the fifth member of the vaunted “Fab Five” short relay team last season that reset the Ronan school record book, so he can also kick in the afterburners when need arises to generate some speed.   Unfortunately for the Chiefs, he is currently sidelined on account of injury, but they hope that he will be mended enough to return after the first of the year.




Track & Field 2012 divisional champion, twice all-conference discus thrower; all-state, 2012 divisional champion, twice all-conference shotputter; and football 2012 NWA offensive co-MVP, twice all-state, twice all-conference 1st-team offensive guard as well as twice defensive all-conference (1st-tm DL 12, 1st-tm DE 11) senior 6-3 post Riley Sampson crested the century plateau for both scoring and rebounding last season.  The return of Sampson to the lineup after being sidelined earlier on account of a football injury strengthens the Pirate lineup despite his shorn locks and lack of adherence to Nazarite vows.


Tennis doubles all-state, 2011 NWA conference champion, two-time all-conference and football 2012 NWA defensive co-MVP, twice all-state, thrice all-conference strong safety (1st-team 12/11, 2nd-team 10), twice all-conference (1st-tm 12, 2nd-tm 11) receiving corps as well as all-conference 1st-team return specialist senior 6-0 guard Will Davey is one of the leading thievesof basketballs on the Pirates and is ranked 4th among the rungs of the NWA TOP TEN ladder in that category.


Golf all-state, four-time all-conference and tennis doubles all-conference senior 6-2 forward Hayden Congdon is much like a skilled telephone technician in that he knows how to dial the operator long distance from beyond-the-arc when a call needs to be placed to connect with a triple.  Congdon is ranked among the TOP TEN of the NWA Conference for scoring treys as well as deuces, combined field-goal percentage, total points scored and rebounding.  


Football all-conference (1st-tm CB) senior 6-2 forward  Dylan Kelley is stratified among the TOP TEN of the NWA Conference for blocking shots as well as dishing assists.  Kelley has played an influential factor for the Pirates in each of their contests thus far this season.


Football all-conference (2nd-tm CB) junior 5-9 guard Cedrick Smith has superb ball-handling skills along with a good sense of timing.  Smith has emerged as one of the leading scorers for the Pirates and finds representation among over half of the NWA Conference TOP TEN statistical categories. 


Sophomore 6-0 guard Derek Peel has a diverse shooting repertoire at his disposal.  Peel gained lower eschalon representation among the rungs of the TOP TEN statistical categories for converting treys and blocking shot attempts.


Junior 6-1 forward/post Austin Corrigan has been an influental factor on the court filling in for the absence of Sampson.   


Football all-conference (hm QB) sophomore 6-2 guard/forward Andrew Weltz has a pair of his favorite football receivers among the roster of the basketball team which opens up possibilities for several pass completions during fast breaks.     


The soft shooting touch and leaping ability of Ronan transfer sophomore 6-2 forward/post Cedric Earthboy has factored into Pirate fortunes in all of their contests. 


Sophomore 5-10 guard Chris McDonald exercises good court sense with his minutes on the hardwood, which has not only contributed to the Pirate scoring tally, but he has also helped by reeling in rebounds, pilfering steals and dishing assists.


Sophomore 5-10 guard Zadin Bautista has adept ball handling skills and quick reaction time for pressuring defensive assignments when on the court in relief of others. 


A more comprehensive preview of the Polson Pirate player profiles can be viewed online at the following sites:

Lake County Leader (6 Dec 12) article cyberlink posted 7 Dec 12 entitled “Pirates enter season looking for 4th-straight state berth,” <   http://www.leaderadvertiser.com/sports/article_fe0673b2-3ff2-11e2-8c9c-0019bb2963f4.html   > 

NWMTA (6 Dec 12) online article entitled “Polson Pirates Preview” cyberlink <   http://www.ihigh.com/nwmta/article_150211.html   >




In the course of analyzing what few games have been played thus far into the early part of the season, a few trends seem to emerge that have been influential upon the outcome of each contest.   With regard to Ronan, where the Chiefs have converted their shots in the 30th to 40th percentile range while placing a trio of players or better scoring in double figures, the team has won.  Where the Chief shooting percentages have plummeted into the 20th percentile and only a single player scores in double figures, the team has lost.  With regard to Polson, a similar trend emerges.  Multiple players scoring in double figures coupled with a team shooting percentage in the  30th to 40th percentile range has resulted in a victory.  A single player scoring higher numbers with lower team shooting percentages has resulted in a loss.  So if either team wishes to emerge victorious from this rivalry matchup, shooters are compelled to exercise sound higher percentage shot selectivity and each team needs to place multiple players scoring in double figures.  Playing solid defense is an assumed given. The formula for success tends to be pretty basic: create as many optimum shooting opportunities as can be set up, convert as many of those as your team can and play solid defense so as to disrupt the other team from doing the same.    The Ronan Chiefs will want to execute their game plan on par with how they played against NWA Whitefish and 7-B Eureka.  The Polson Pirates are advised to play this rivalry game along the lines of how they handled SWA Anaconda and SWA Hamilton.  If both teams optimize their capabilities on the court during this rivalry rendezvous, the outcome is likely to hinge on how either team handles a few critical possessions at strategic junctures of the game.  If one team incurs an ill-timed bout of hoop hiccups, the other team is unlikely to exercise some quasi-version of genteel pseudo-sportsmanship by waiting around for them to sort matters out and get their basketball act back in synch.  Rather, they will press that advantage, keep moving the ball up and down the court, put some distance on the scoreboard between them and their rivals until the point spread is liable to mushroom.  But the suspicion of this analysis is that the Ronan orange & black Chiefs and the Polson purple & gold Pirates are going to entertain  the crowd with a tight barn-burner-like contest that could feature multiple lead changes. 


Boys basketball action commences at 7:30 on Friday evening at Linderman Gym. 


Half of this quartet of teams will emerge from their rivalry encounter with a nicely wrapped present that they can jingle all the way into the new year, while the less fortunate participants that come out on the short end of the scoreboard will find they have something to chew on in the form of a lump of coal at the bottom of their stocking.   Merry Christmas to all and may ya’ll have a good night.


current schedule & preceeding season stats courtesy of the respective coaching staffs

NWA stats courtesy of Terry Werner culled from nwmta website archives




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