Pirates, Lady Pirates soccer receives postseason recognition

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POLSON PIRATE soccer player Michael Vergeront defends a Belgrade player during the semifinals of the Class A soccer tournament at Belgrade High School. Vergeront was one of many Polson Pirates that received post-season recognition. (Jason Blasco/Lake County Leader)

Pitch proficiency among the 2017 rendition of the Polson Lady Pirates (5-7-1, N4-4; +34/-37) soccer squad yielded a pair of players accentuated with all-state accolades among a half dozen all-conference acknowledgements.

Receiving all-state recognition was junior striker Ashlee Howell (12g4a), who was vying among conference leaders in goal scoring until an untimely injury curtailed the remainder of her season. This was the second all-state acknowledgement for Howell and third all-conference first-team nod. Howell also received the Lady Pirate Award from the team on account of her penchant for exemplifying player work ethic.

Joining Howell with all-state acknowledgement for athletic aptitude is senior midfielder Marina Mayorga (8g11a), who was the second leading scorer for the team this season. This was the third all-conference nod for Mayorga, two previous second-team nominations to go along with the netting of a concurrent first-team nod this season. Mayorga was also conferred with the team Most Valuable Player award for her efforts this season.

A trio of Lady Pirates receiving second-team recognition include senior defender Amelia Pittsley, sophomore midfielder Aisha Clarke (3g2a) and versatile freshman defender Lilly Armstrong (1g1a,4sv).

Freshman goalkeeper Megan Rost (1a,100sv) was conferred with honorable mention all-conference acknowledgement for her guardianship of the gate outside the goal. Senior midfielder Quinn Motichka was recognized by the team as their MIP (Most Improved Player) over the course of the season.

Accolade accentuated 2017 Northern A Polson Lady Pirates

(all-state) Ashlee Howell, Marina Mayorga, (1st-team) Ashlee Howell, Marina Mayorga, (2nd-team) Amelia Pittsley, Lilly Armstrong, Aisha Clarke, (hm) Megan Rost.

Ashlee Howell 12g4a, Marina Mayorga 8g11a5sv, Ali Hupka 6g3a, Aisha Clarke 3g2a, Autumn Burland 2g1a, Kyla Heiser 1g2a, Lilly Armstrong 1g1a4sv, Sarah Newell 1g1a, Quinn Motichka 2a, River Shoemake 2a, Chloe Matt 1a, Megan Rost 1a100sv.

gsc2017 LP cumulative individual sh(sog) tm220(145) – Ashlee Howell 8gms:45(35), Marina Mayorga 51(39), Ali Hupka 29(22), Autumn Burland 21(13), Aisha Clarke 14(8), Quinn Motichka 12(6), Lilly Armstrong 11(5), Michelle Terry 9(3), Kyla Heiser 8(4), Sarah Newell 4gms:(7), Amelia Pittsley 1gm:5(2), River Shoemake 2gms:2(1), Chloe Matt 1gm:(1), noID 3gms:5(2).

Cumulative accolade acknowledgements – Ashlee Howell (2x all-state, 3x all-conf 1st-tm, team 2017 LP award), Marina Mayorga (all-state, 3x all-conf [1st-tm, 2x 2nd-tm], team 2017 MVP award, NW Senior Showcase 2017 MVP), Quinn Motichka (team 2017 MIP – most improved player).

MHSA cumulative prep career – Howell 26g38a(1kfpm), Mayorga 21g16a, Terry 2g, Pittsley 1g1a.

Pirate boys soccer

The 2017 Northern A conference champion Polson Pirates (11-2-1, N8-0), who led the class A ranks in goals scored this season (+69 for/-13 against), netted ten players with postseason recognition, a quintet accentuated with all-state accolades.

All-state honorees include junior midfielder Bridger Wenzel (5g6a), junior forwards Robin Erickson (16g13a) along with Mack Moderie (10g18a), junior defender Connor Lanier (5g1a) and senior goalkeeper Russell Smith (1a>47sv). Each all-state player is also conferred with all-conference first-team acknowledgement. This was the second all-state accolade for Wenzel and third all-conference acknowledgement for keeper Smith (1st-tm 2017, 2x 2nd-tm 2016-15), preceding seasons garnering back-to-back second-team recognition.

Joining the Pirate quintet of all-staters on the first-team is senior forward Linde Lambson (8g5a), his third in as many seasons that included all-state (2016) recognition last season.

Receiving second-team honors were senior forward Michael Vergeront (13g2a), senior midfielder Alex Encizo (2g6a) along with junior midfielder Alex Wall-Wilbert (3g6a). This was the third all-conference nod for Encizo, reprising his second-team honor from last season to go along with an all-state (1st-tm 2015) accolade his sophomore season.

Acquiring honorable mention all-conference acknowledgement was senior defender Alex Mausshardt (1a).

Along with the five decorated seniors previously mentioned, the Pirates also graduate senior forward Alexis Guerrero (3g2a).

Accolade accentuated 2017 Northern A Polson Pirates

(all-state) Bridger Wenzel, Robin Erickson, Mack Moderie, Connor Lanier, Russ Smith; (1st-team) Wenzel, R.Erickson, Moderie, Lanier, R.Smith, Linde Lambson; (2nd-team) Alex Encizo, Michael Vergeront, Alex Wall-Wilbert; (honorable mention) Alex Mausshardt.

bsc2017scoring Polson Pirate boys soccer (69g63a) – Robin Erickson 16g13a, Mack Moderie 10g18a, Michael Vergeront 13g2a, Bridger Wenzel 5g6a, Linde Lambson 6g3a, Alex Wall-Wilbert 3g6a, Connor Lanier 5g1a, Alex Encizo 2g6a, Alexis Guerrero 3g2a, Keyan Dalbey 2g2a, Davis Smith 1g2a, Brayden Mueller 2g, Tristan Clifford 1g,6sv; Alex Mausshardt 1a, Russ Smith 1a,>47sv

Polson (11-2-1 all, N8-0), goals for/against (+69/-13 all), (+46/-6 conf) tops in state

bsc2017 (7gms: 6home + Belgrade semi only) cumulative individual sh(sog) †tm306(188) – Mack Moderie 7gms 33(26), Robin Erickson 7gms 33(25), Michael Vergeront 6gms:30(21), Linde Lambson 6gms:26(17), Keyan Dalbey 5gms:15(9), Alex Encizo 5gms:13(9), Alexis Guerrero 3gms:13(9), Alex Wall-Wilbert 3gms:(9), Davis Smith 3gms:8(5), Connor Lanier 2gms(3), Brayden Mueller 2gms:7(5), Xavier Stalkfleet 2gms:3(2), Elijah Taylor 2gms:5(2), Tristan Clifford 2gms:3(1), Keith Erickson 2gms:2(1), Zevon Walker 1.

†Bigfork away data unavailable except for score (8); other away data derived from venue media postings with (sog) figures limited to goals scored.

Accrued athletic accolade acknowledgements – Bridger Wenzel (SC: 2x all-state, 2x 1st-tm; WR: 2x all-state 126 3rd, 120 3rd; 2x all-conf 126 2nd, 120 1st div champion), Russ Smith (all-state, 3x all-conf [1st-tm, 2x 2nd-tm]), Linde Lambson (all-state 2016, 3x 1st-tm), Alex Encizo (all-state 2015, 3x all-conf [1st-tm 2015, 2x 2nd-tm]), Russ Smith (all-state, 3x all-conf [1st-tm, 2x 2nd-tm], homecoming king)

MHSA cumulative prep career – Michael Vergeront 18g6a, Linde Lambson 8g5a, Alex Encizo 5g13a, Alexis Guerrero 3g2a+jv4g2a, Alex Mausshardt 1a, Russ Smith 1a>183sv(17+>55+>64+>47), Robin Erickson 17g15a+jv7g2a, Mack Moderie 13g23a, Connor Lanier 11g4a, Bridger Wenzel 7g6a, Alex Wall-Wilbert 3g7a+jv2g2a, Davis Smith 1g2a+jv2g1a, Xavier Stalkfleet 4sv+jv4g1a7sv,

2017 Northern A



Hannah Gedlaman, C. Falls; Josie Windauer, C. Falls; Macey Sandefer, C. Falls; Ashlee Howell, Polson; Pixie Moore, Whitefish; Anna Cook, Whitefish; Marina Mayorga, Polson; Hannah Callender, C. Falls.


First team – Isabelle Martineau, Libby; Ally Pancoast, Bigfork; Lexi Carbo, Whitefish; Hannah Gedlaman, C. Falls; Josie Windauer, C. Falls; Macey Sandefer, C. Falls; Ashlee Howell, Polson; Pixie Moore, Whitefish; Anna Cook, Whitefish; Marina Mayorga, Polson; Hannah Callender, C. Falls.

Second team – Jordan Nelson, Bigfork; Abby Creighton, Libby; Kaylee Ashe, C. Falls; Lakia Hill, C. Falls; Lilly Armstrong, Polson; Aisha Clarke, Polson; Grace Scrafford, Whitefish; Abby Lowry, Whitefish; Mary Peterson, Whitefish; Amelia Pittsley, Polson; Lexie Purcell, C. Falls.

Honorable mention – Megan Rost, Polson; Grace Benkelman, Whitefish; Flora Jarvis, C. Falls; Madison Gardner, Bigfork; Ciera Lucas, Libby.

Boys All-state – Bridger Wenzel, Polson; Noah Romagnuolo, Whitefish; Robin Erickson, Polson; Mack Moderie, Polson; Xander Burger, Whitefish; Auguste Emond, C. Falls; Connor Lanier, Polson; Sam Menicke, Whitefish; Russell Smith, Polson.


First team – Casey Schneider, Whitefish; Linde Lambson, Polson; Bridger Wenzel, Polson; Noah Romagnuolo, Whitefish; Robin Erickson, Polson; Mack Moderie, Polson; Xander Burger, Whitefish; Auguste Emond, C. Falls; Connor Lanier, Polson; Sam Menicke, Whitefish; Russell Smith, Polson.

Second team – Avery Hirsch, Whitefish; Joseph Houston, Whitefish; Alex Encizo, Polson; Michael Vergeront, Polson; Alex Wall-Wilbert, Polson; Alex Garate, C. Falls; Jakob Grein, C. Falls; John Gilk, C. Falls; Jacob Herd, Bigfork; Jeremy Herd, Bigfork; Tyler Lucas, Libby.

Honorable mention – Alex Mausshard, Polson; Tait Workman, Whitefish; Skylar Chute, C. Falls; Alex Buenz, Bigfork; Austin Swartzenberger, Libby.

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