My name is Casey Richardson and in January 2019 I plead guilty to three counts of violating the Lacy Act in Federal Court in Anchorage Alaska. I am writing this letter to somehow try to express my disappointment in myself and how truly sorry I am for my actions. Because I chose to make many poor decisions my actions affected so many people.

     My charges stemmed from hunting in Alaska in the fall of 2014 and guiding without a guides license for an outfitter in the fall of 2015.  My actions have no reasonable explanation other than trying to make short cuts to the proper procedure and failing to follow clearly written hunting regulations.  Because of my actions I have caused a tremendous amount of shame for my family and friends, brought shame onto myself and scarred the reputation of honest and ethical hunters and outfitters.

     Hindsight is truly painful way to view the world and especially horribly made decisions.  I look back and clearly see how several simple steps could have been made to prevent all the loss and trauma that my actions have caused. If you are reading this and are a hunter, guide or outfitter. Please hear my words of advice, in situations where you may talk yourself into believing there is a “Gray area” or “Bending the rules” isn’t going to hurt anyone, you are sadly wrong.  When it comes to the law, the Lacy Act and other wildlife laws there are no gray areas and there is no such thing as bending the rules… your actions are either legal or in my case illegal.

     My actions has caused me to loses thousands and thousands of dollars, my ability to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends, not being able to posses a firearm and living with the label “federal felony” for the rest of my life.  Because of my stupidity I will pay a price for the remainder of my life and have emotionally and financially burdened my family for many many years to come.  Please… please think slowly, carefully and methodically about your actions, don’t let that ignorant voice in your head tell you something is “no big deal”, because it could be a huge deal and life changing.  If you are no 100% sure what you are doing is completely legal, no matter what may be said, DON’T DO IT!

      I wish there was a more powerful way of saying this, but I am sorry. I am sorry for my stupidity and all the harm I have done, the work that I created for wildlife officers who are spread way too thin, and sorry to those around me that have been damaged so much by my actions.  I truly wish there was a way to go back and undo my actions.  Sincerely, Casey Richardson

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