Area softball teams travel west to evade weather

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THE POLSON 10U Lil Lakers team poses after a Fastpitch Softball Tournament last weekend. (From left, front): Emma Smith, Natalie Nash, Keke Tenas, Samantha Rensvold; (Back Row, from left): Coach Lyle Smith, Isabo Fyant, Olivia Jore, Sierra Perez, Jelayna Tenas, Alyssa Orien, Ally Paul and Coach Jim Jore. (photo courtesy of Bob Gunderson)

Several area softball teams with Mission Valley area players among their rosters avoided some of the inclement weather that canceled numerous prep events statewide by scheduling a tournament out of state this past weekend. These included a pair of Polson-based teams, a trio of Missoula-based Avalanche teams and one Ronan-based squad. Games originally scheduled for Saturday were rained out, thereby telescoping the schedule into Sunday with shorter formats. Below are included selective outcomes from the tournament along with representative box scores so that readers will be aware of which players from our area are competing among which teams.

NSAWA Ice Breaker

Tri Cities, WA

April 6-8, 2018

10U Polson Lil Lakers

The Polson-based 10U Lil Lakers wrapped up their travels with a 1-1-1 record. The Lil Lakers are coached by Lyle Smith, Juan Perez and Jim Jore.

Polson Lil Lakers 5, Absolute Blast 2

Izzy Fyant pitched a gem while Olivia Jore anchored the defense behind the plate. Emmaleigh Smith turned multiple defensive plays at second base to further muffle the bats of the Blast. Newcomer Natalie Nash came ever so close to her first ever hit when her bat put the ball into play, but the ensuing shock of what had just transpired delayed her run to first base just long enough for the defense to recover to make the out.

Lil Lakers 3, Boise Blast 3

A pair of extra base triples were hit during the course of this contest that ended in a tie.

10U POLSON LIL LAKERS – Alyssa Orien (3B), Jelayna Tenas (3B)

NCW Sun Devils *7, Lil Lakers 3

Sierra Perez stroked an inside the park home run, while Olivia Jore hit an RBI triple that scored the runner ahead of her. Samantha Rensvold drew an initial walk, worked her way around the base path and then stole home when the ball got past the catcher.

10U POLSON LIL LAKERS – Sierra Perez (HR,1RBI), Olivia Jore (3B,1RBI), Samantha Rensvold (BB,SB,1R).

12U MT Avs-Hanninen (12A bracket)

The Missoula-based Montana Avalanche softball squad led by coach Troy Hanninen features a Mission Valley resident Payton Smith among its roster.

PNW Force-House 8, MT Avs-Hanninen 7

MT AVALANCHE-HANNINEN – Payton Smith 1-2 (1R, 2IP: 2K) (Su08Apr18gm4)

Oregon Titans 15, MT Avs-Hanninen 2

Elite Diamonds 10, MT Avs-Hanninen 2

Sno Shock Shamrocks 6, MT Avs-Hanninen 3

MT AVALANCHE-HANNINEN – Payton Smith 1-2 (2RBI, 1SB; 1IP: 1W)(Fr06Apr18gm1)

12U Polson Purple Wave (12B Bracket)

Alaska Krush 7, Purple Wave 2

In the bottom of the second with one out, Alexis Johnson reached on an error, stole second, advanced and scored on passed balls. Bella Paul drew a subsequent walk, advanced on the same passed ball that scored Johnson, then plated on an RBI single by Carli Maley.

Alaska Krush 241 0 – 7 3 1

Purple Wave 020 x – 2 1 4

Alexis (2K,3W), Riley and catcher. Nikki Kendall (1K), (2) Alexis Johnson (7K,2H,2W) and Mckenna Hanson. W – Alexis [ ]. L – Kendall.

ALASKA KRUSH – capitalized on 7BB, 2HB, 3SB, compound errors

PURPLE WAVE – Kendall 0-1 (BB), Hanson 0-1 (BB,CS), Johnson 0-1 (SB,R), Bella Paul 0-0 (BB,R), Carli Maley 1-1 (RBI), Fayrene Pierre 0-0 (BB), Jaja Nichols 0-0 (BB,SB). (Su08Apr18gm1)

12U Purple Wave 7, ID Diamond Bandits 3

ID Bandits 003 – 3 4 3

Purple Wave 61x – 7 1 1

Nikki Kendall (7K) and McKenna Hanson. W – Kendall.


POLSON PURPLE WAVE – Kendall 0-2, Hanson 1-2, Tyneesha Brown 0-1, Caitlyn Ward 0-2, Alexis Johnson 0-1,

Bella Paul 0-0, Taylor Henricksen 0-1, Fayrene Pierre 0-1, Carli Maley 0-0, Kailey Smith 0-1, Idella West 0-0, Jaja Nichols 0-1.

HR – Hanson. 3B – Duster#4. RBIs – Hanson 3, Johnson 2. BB – Paul, West, Maley. HB – Brown. SB – Paul, West, Maley, Brown 2, Ward. Runs – Kendall, Hanson, Brown, Ward, Johnson, Paul, West. (Su08Apr18gm2)

NW Elite Botefuhr 11, Purple Wave 4

Diamond Dusters Red 6, Purple Wave 2

12U Ronan Mighty Maidens (12B Bracket)

Also representing the Mission Valley at the tournament were the Ronan-based 12U Mighty Maidens, who are coached by Laura Tenas along with assistance from coaches Will Stanger-Gardipe,Travis Michaud and Cody Brown. These Maidens lived up to their Mighty rubric by going 2-2 at the tournament that included the short end of a narrow 8-9 squeaker.

Sting Oregon 5, Mighty Maidens 2

Oregon Sting 311 – 5 [ ] E

Mighty Maidens 101 – 2 3 E

12U RONAN MIGHTY MAIDENS – Tyariah Morigeau 0-1 (BB,1R), Isabella Brown 0-1 (SacH,RBI), Kaleigh Benson 1-2, Sarah Stanger-Gardipe 1-2 (RBI), Kaydance Santos 0-1, Louraisa Weatherwax 0-1, Emma Stanger-Gardipe 1-1, Kysis Santos 0-1, Sadie Michaud 0-0 (BB,1R), Mary Rose Gardipe 0-0 (BB). (Su08Apr18gm2)

ML Rattlers Torres 9, Mighty Maidens 8

Mighty Maidens 9, WA Synergy Drummond 7

Mighty Maidens 10, Post Falls Blast 4

12U MT Avalanche-Sammoury (12B Bracket)

The Missoula-based Montana Avalanche team led by coach Sammoury features among their roster Kadynce Couture and Shanel Manuel of Ronan along with Kason Page of Mission.

Boise Blast-Brooks 15, MT Avs-Sammoury 3

ID Diamond Bandits 5, MT Avs-Samm 4

MT Avs-Samm 7, Alaska Krush 4

KB FP Purple 17, MT Avs-Samm 1

14U MT Avs-Craun (14A Bracket)

The Missoula-based Montana Avalanche team led by coach Craun features among their roster Kooper Page of Mission.

MT Avs-Craun 11, DFM/OR East-Garton 4

MT Avs-Craun 14, Galaxy Purple 2

NW Elite 20, MT Avs-Craun 8 (Su08apr18)

NW Raptors 6, MT Avs-Craun 5


Full NSAWA Ice Breaker tournament scores can be viewed online at the following cyber link:

< >

Mission Valley Softball Association

Polson Softball Complex

14U Polson TSD Eclipse 17, 14U Ronan Black Ice 0

Total Screen Design Eclipse (3-0)

Aly Mock, (2) Riley Lindquist (3K) and Kiara Sherman, (2) Ariana Burke. Katelyn Druyvestein (5K), Turquoise Pierre (3K) and Kallie Finkbeiner, (3) Emma Eastman. W – Druyvestein. L – Mock. Sv – Pierre.

Ronan 000 0 – 0 2 E

Polson 773 x – 17 6 E

RONAN BLACK ICE – Lindquist 0-1(BB), Hannah Rowe 0-2, Lexi Wirz 0-1(BB), Mock 1-2, Sherman 1-2, Robbie Daley 0-2, Ariana Burke 0-2, Kiley Tue 0-2, Ashley Welker 0-1.

POLSON LAKERS – Arly Taeff 0-0 (3BB), Anna Vert 1-1, Druyvestein 1-1 (2BB,RBI), Mesa Bell 0-0(BB), Gianna Fyant 1-1(2BB), Aryia Dentler 0-0 (SacH,RBI), Finkbeiner 1-1 (2B,BB,HB,3RBI), Ashlynn Depoe 0-2 (BB,ROE), Ainsley Nordberg 0-0 (HB), Pierre 1-1(3BB,RBI), Aubrey Marshall 1-1 (BB), Trinity Bell 0-2, Eastman 0-1 (2BB), Reegan Stinger 0-0 (BB), Jeyani Tenas 0-0 (2BB), Raven McGee 0-1. (M09Apr18)

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