Lake County wrestlers close out pre-holiday action

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Area grapplers closed out their 2018 calendars with a series of duals and quads around the area. The Polson Pirate swept their duals at Columbia Falls against the Wildcats and visiting Corvallis.

The Ronan Chiefs participated in a pair of duals the final week before the Christmas break. The Chiefs prevailed over the Bulldogs in their Whitefish dual, but were edged by visiting Hamilton. The Chiefs then traveled to Columbia Falls for a mixer with both the Wildcats and Bigfork.

Arlee participated in the Florence Quad Tuesday, Dec. 18, then at the Eureka Mixer prior to the Buzz Lucey tournament on Saturday in Eureka.

Mission/Charlo hosted their Mission Mountain Classic on Saturday.

Some results were not accessible in their entirety or incomplete due to an early press deadline.

Polson 48, Corvallis 18

132: Benji Opat (Corv) 4:21 p. Jarod Farrier (Pol); 138: Carter Brown (Corv) 1:39 p. Dugan Davis (Pol); 145: Triston Davis (Corv) 1:24 p. Caleb Pierre (Pol); 152: Bridger Wenzel (Pol) 1:00 p. Randon Weidow (Corv); 160: Garrett Croft (Pol) 1:36 p. Zack Morgan (Corv); 285: Jasper Drake (Pol) 0:58 p. Harley Wise (Corv); Polson won 103,113,120,170,205 by forfeit. 126,182 double forfeit. (Tu18Dec18)

Polson 46, Columbia Falls, 24

113: Rene Pierre (Pol) 1:43 p. Orion Barta (CF); 120: Maysn Cowell (Pol) 0:16 p. Colten Hogan (CF); 132: Jarod Farrier (Pol) 1:01 p. Thomas Peters (CF); 138: Ayden Role (CF) 1:50 p. Dugan Davis (Pol); 145: Caleb Pierre (Pol) 11-2 md. Skyler Nelson (CF); 160: Garrett Croft (Pol) 0:56 p. Finn Coleman (CF); 170: Hunter Fritsch (Pol) 3:36 p. Sam Despain (CF); 205: Colton McPhee (CF) 0:52 p. Justice Moore (Pol); 285: Jakob Freeman (CF) 2:09 p. Jasper Drake (Pol); Polson won 103,152 by forfeit; C-Falls won 182 by forfeit; 126 double forfeit. (Tu18Dec18)

Ronan 42, Whitefish 30

126: Trapper McAllister (Ron) 5:23 p. Noah Cooke (Wf); 132: Zane Walchuk (Ron) 1:01 p. Leroy Orel (Wf); 152: Daniel Collins-Bishop (Ron) 3:05 p. Hunter Fleming (Wf); 160: Robert Bertelsen (Wf) 0:44 p. Christian Smith (Ron); 205: Justin Mays (Ron) 0:33 p. Ashton Akey (Wf); 285: Larz Sorrell (Ron) 1:24 p. Brian Sweeney (Wf); Exhibition 126: Julian Strait (Ron) 0:45 p. Alexis Aurand (Wf); Exhibition 205: Persephone Sandoval (Ron) 3:08 p. Ashton Akey (Wf). Whitefish won 113,120,138,145 by forfeit. Ronan won 170,182 by forfeit. (Tu18Dec18)

Hamilton 42, Ronan 34

126: Trapper McAllister (Ron) 1:14 p. Deegan Martin (Ham/Dar); 132: Zane Walchuk (Ron) 0:24 p. Tristen Wiedow (Ham/Dar); 152: Daniel Collins-Bishop (Ron) 14-5 md. Bridger Williams (Ham/Dar); 160: Cole Anson (Ham/Dar) 0:20 p. Christian Smith (Ron); 170: Noah Hurst (Ham/Dar) 3:23 p. Rodolfo Minetti (Ron); 182: Jamison Webster (Ron) 1:08 p. Kale Wanner (Ham/Dar); 205: Justin Mays (Ron) 2:29 p. Brock Jones (Ham/Dar); 285: Larz Sorrell (Ron) 3:53 p. Reece Buchanen (Ham/Dar); Exhibition 126: Julian Strait (Ron) 1:01 p. Michael Loranger (Ham/Dar); Exhibition 138: Zane Walchuk (Ron) 7-6 d. Adrian Garcia (Ham/Dar); Exhibition 182: Jamison Webster (Ron) 1:14 p. Cadagen Wheat (Ham/Dar); Exhibition 205: Persephone Sandoval (Ron) 1:09 p. Brock Jones (Ham/Dar); Hamilton won 103,113,120,138,145 by forfeit. (Tu18Dec18)

Columbia Falls 33, Ronan 21*

132: Trapper McAllister (Ron) 2:31 p. Zak Gray (CF); Zane Walchuk (Ron) 17-5 md. Jordan Meadows (CF) (MD 17-5); Trapper McAllister (Ron) 3:48 p. Jordan Meadows (CF); 160: Sam Despain (CF) 0:32 p. Christian Smith (Ron); 170: Allac Kmapton (CF) 4:17 p. Rodolfo Minetti (Ron); 182: Colton McPhee (CF) 0:46 p. Jamison Webster (Ron); 205: Jakob Freeman (CF) 7-2 d. Justin Mays (Ron); Persephone Sandoval (Ron) 1:05 p. Nick Halley (CF); 285: Taylor Gladeau (CF) 1:13 p. Larz Sorrell (Ron); Thomas Phelps (CF) 3:45 p. Persephone Sandoval (Ron).


Asterisk (*) denotes lack of results for all weight classes that may modify dual tally

Florence Quad

abridged to Mission Valley wrestlers

103 – Oliver Post (Florence/Carleton) 0:14 p. Tyrel Thomas (Arlee); Jacob Prescott (Florence/Carleton) 1:05 p. Tyrel Thomas (Arlee);

126 – Roman Sparks (Thompson Falls) 2:28 p. Frankie Wright (Arlee);

138 – Colt Crawford (Arlee) 3:10 p. Zach Harrington (Florence/Carleton); Johnny Chamberlain (Florence/Carleton) 3:59 p. Colt Crawford;

145 – Eduardo Santiago (Arlee) 1:46 p. Silas Acker (Clark Fork)

152 – Gregory Winegart (Florence/Carleton) 1:58 p. CJ Forgey (Arlee); Skyler Titsworth (Arlee) 0:59 p. Thomas Anderson (Clark Fork); Thomas Anderson (Clark Fork) 1:20 p. CJ Forgey (Arlee); Avery Meinzen (Florence/Carleton) 1:50 p. Skylar Titsworth (Arlee); Gregory Winegart (Florence/Carleton) 2:53 p. Eduardo Santiago (Arlee); Thomas Anderson (Clark Fork) 2:20 p. Eduardo Santiago (Arlee).

160 – Luke Maki (Florence/Carleton) 0:25 p. Ashley Potts (Arlee); Daniel Shved (Florence/Carleton) 1:33 p. Ashley Potts (Arlee). (Tu18Dec18)

BC Coaches Poll

as of Dec. 19

(abridged to area wrestlers)

B Teams: 1, Colstrip; 2, Glasgow; 3, Eureka; 4, Townsend; 5, Mission/Charlo (M/C); 6, Poplar; 7, Whitehall; 8, Huntley Project; 9, Florence; 10, Cut Bank.

C Teams: 1, Circle; 2, Valier; 3, Chinook.

103 – 4, Taylor Angie (Plains/HSpgs); 6, Tyrel Thomas (M/C)

113 – 3, Trae Thilmony (T-Falls)

120 – 4, Walker Murphy (M/C)

126 – 4, Roman Sparks (T-Falls);

132 – 2, Conrad Vanderwall (Plains/HSpgs);

138 – 5, Josh Vanderwall (Plains/HSpgs);

152 – 4, Skyler Titsworth (Arlee); 6, Isaac DuMontier (M/C)

170 – 2, Isaiah Allik (M/C); 4, Troy Matt (M/C);

182 – 6, Dakota Irvine (T-Falls);

205 – 6, Miles Anderson (M/C);

285 – 2, Seth Alcorn (T-Falls).

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