Nothing fishy about final tuneup for Mission Valley harriers

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Runners round the first turn at the 2019 Arlee Fish Hatchery Challenge cross country meet in early October. Jockeying for position in the early going are Arlee’s (1206) Sage Nicolai and Mission’s Isaiah Nasewytewa. (Photo courtesy of Christa Umphrey, Forward Photography)

At Arlee for the Fish Hatchery Challenge this past Thursday, most Mission Valley area teams were able to get one final regular season tuneup before the postseason gets underway next week.

The only thing fishy about the event was its proximity to the local fish hatchery.

For the girls, Analeta YellowBird of Ronan placed second with a sub-21, while Mission’s Karolyna Buck, Ronan’s Olivia Heiner and Charlo’s Guinevere Contreras all turned in sub-23s.

Also making the top fifteen were LaNissa Mahkuk or Ronan and Aryal Love of Charlo. Cheyenne Pablo was the top finisher for Arlee in 18th place.

For the boys, James Normandeau of Ronan took top honors with a solid sub-17, while fellow Chief teammates Brant Heiner along with Michael Irvine and Isaiah Nasewytewa of Mission all turned in sub-18s.

A quartet of area runners who turned in sub-19s include Zarec Couture of Ronan and the trio of Zoran LaFrombois, Andrew Rush and Aidyn Rosenbaum from Mission. Rounding out the top 15 was Micah Johnson of Arlee.

Polson was slated to compete at the Browning Invitational this past weekend, but an inundation of snow from the inclimate weather the week prior relocated the meet to Cutbank, which was then canceled on account of course conditions. An alternative might have been to plug into the Helena 7-on-7, but that too was canceled on account of snow.

Postseason cross-country meets commence this week with the Western B Divisional at Rivers Bend Golf Course in Thompson Falls Wednesday, Oct. 16. Following that is the Western A Fall Classic at the Hamilton Golf Course in Hamilton on Saturday, Oct. 19.

Returning all-conference accolade recipients from last season include Karolyna Buck along with Madyson Currie of Mission, James Normandeau of Ronan and Mason Sloan of Polson.

Times which maximized the chances of placing among the top 15 last season included mid-23s for Western B girls, sub-21s for Western A girls, sub-19s for Western B boys and mid-17s for Western A boys.

Normandeau has competed in eight events thus far this season, winning seven while placing second in the eighth on account of being edged by less than .13 seconds by a AA Missoula Sentinel runner.

All of Normandeau’s times have been sub-17s with the exception of the first meet of the season. Sloan of Polson has placed among the top five in three meets this season. Heiner of Ronan has placed among the top five in a half dozen meets this season. Irvine of Ronan has placed among the top ten in four meets this season.

Analeta YellowBird of Ronan has placed among the top ten in three meets this season, while Karli Owens of Polson has placed among the top ten in five meets this season, three of those among the top five.

2019 Arlee Fish Hatchery Challenge

Arlee, MT

Thursday, Oct. 10


Team Scores

1, Hamilton 37; 2, Seeley-Swan 38; 3, Ronan 50, 4, Arlee 94; <5: Mission St. Ignatius (MSI), Charlo (Cha), Darby.

Top 15 individuals

1, Brynnli Poulsen (Ham) 18:57.45; 2, Analeta YellowBird (Ron) 20:31.74; 3, Emily Maughan (SS) 20:49.59; 4, Gracie Lang (Dar) 21:00.50; 5, Sariah Maughan (SS) 21:20.51; 6, Sarah Passey (Ham) 21:23.57; 7, Hannah Ayers (SS) 21:52.18 Seeley-Swan; 8, Kyla Conley (SS) 21:59.18; 9, Marie Davenport (Ham) 22:05.46; 10, Karolyna Buck (MSI) 22:28.76; 11, Olivia Heiner (Ron) 22:40.96; 12, Guinevere Contreras (Cha) 22:41.64; 13, McKinnley Murray (Ham) 22:58.90; 14, LaNissa Mahkuk (Ron) 23:34.61; 15, Aryal Love (Cha) 23:46.09;

RONAN – 2, Analeta YellowBird 20:31.74; 11, Olivia Heiner 22:40.96; 14, LaNissa Mahkuk 23:34.61; 16, Kaona Trahan 23:49.75; 21, Kinsley Barney 24:27.37; 2jv, Kieauna DeRoche 26:30.86; 4jv, Megan Red Star 29:57.91; 5jv, Mary Jane Billadeaux 44:43.24.

ARLEE – 18, Cheyenne Pablo 23:54.96; 22, Princess Bolen 25:39.12; 28, Natallyia Martin 31:36.10; 29, Elaina Wall 31:42.48; 31, Melaia Matt 34:18.41; 32, Aubrey Ishler 35:23.57.

MISSION ST. IGNATIUS – 10, Karolyna Buck 22:28.76; 20, Madyson Currie 24:14.72; 23, Emmy Flatlip 26:03.32

CHARLO – 12, Guinevere Contreras 22:41.64; 15, Aryal Love 23:46.09.

TWO EAGLE RIVER – 26, Lahtai Finley 29:52.04; 27, Taylor Pierre 30:32.09; 30, Viviana AfterBuffalo-Adams 33:49.37.


Team scores

1, Hamilton (Ham) 29; 2, Ronan (Ron) 37; 3, Mission/St.Ignatius (MSI) 66; 4, Arlee (Arl) 101; 5, Two Eagle River (TER) 125.

Top 15 individuals

1, James Normandeau (Ron) 16:47.27; 2, Colter Kirkland (Ham) 16:51.85; 3, Brant Heiner (Ron) 17:01.07; 4, Harrison Silverio (Ham) 17:46.19; 5, Michael Irvine (Ron) 17:53.49; 6, Logan King (Ham)17:54.01; 7, Isaiah Nasewytewa (MSI) 17:56.15; 8, Tanner Nead (Ham) 17:58.89; 9, Logan Vandenberg (Ham) 17:59.46; 10, Zarec Couture (Ron) 18:16.75; 11, Zachary Kunkel (Ham) 18:18.85; 12, Zoran LaFrombois (MSI) 18:26.80; 13, Andrew Rush (MSI) 18:36.52; 14, Aidyn Rosenbaum (MSI) 18:53.64; 15, Micah Johnson (Arl) 19:07.13;

RONAN – 1, James Normandeau 16:47.27; 3, Brant Heiner 17:01.07; 5, Michael Irvine 17:53.49; 10, Zarec Couture 18:16.75; 18, Wendall Charlo 19:30.70; 19,.Christian Silgen 19:56.94; 7jv, Xavier Nolen 20:23.72; 11jv, Nicholas Dresen 21:43.91; 13jv, Brett Myers 23:04.98;18jv, Xander Nolen 25:16.17; 19jv Ridge Barney 27:46.17.

MISSION ST. IGNATIUS – 7, Isaiah Nasewytewa 17:56.15; 12, Zoran LaFrombois 18:26.80; 13, Andrew Rush 18:36.52; 14, Aidyn Rosenbaum 18:53.64; 20, Roman Gonzalez 20:14.76; 25, Leo Peirce 21:40.04; 27, Erich Morigeau 22:43.11; 30, Kody Dillard 23:56.09.

ARLEE – 15, Micah Johnson 19:07.13; 16, Sage Nicolai 19:13.66; 23, R.J. Knoll 21:30.82; 24, Denny Sween 21:35.25; 31, Devin Cordier 24:14.09;

TWO EAGLE RIVER – 17, Anthony Charlo 19:18.03; 28, Cailin Burke 22:57.40; 29, Wemilo Moran-Garza 23:07.67; 32, Shade Tanner 25:10.65; 33, Cael Burke 26:42.70; 34, Daylen Lozeau 29:11.05; 35, Makeelin Glass 29:17.98.

unabridged results can be viewed online at or

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