Charlo volleyball sweeps way to top seed

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Charlo Lady Viking volleyball seniors, from left, Bella Hawk, Kira McPhail and Destiny Manuel pose before suiting up for their Senior Night matchup against Lincoln for their prep regular season finale. (Photo courtesy of Charlo Yearbook Staff)

This past Thursday in Plains, the visiting Lady Vikings reined in the Trotters to maintain their pristine conference record.

Kassidi Cox led the team with seven kills, Kira McPhail snuffed a pair of blocks and Destiny Manuel excavated out 16 defensive digs in the win.

This past Friday, the Lady Vikings honored their three seniors Kira McPhail, Bella Hawk and Destiny Manuel on Senior Night against Lincoln. Charlo swept their regular schedule finale 3-0.

The week prior, Charlo incurred their first loss of the season when they tangled with 7B contender Thompson Falls in a cross-classification clash. The Lady Vikings were competitive in the first set loss as they scored among the 20s, then even the match at one apiece by capturing the second set handily. That may have served notice among the Lady Bluehawks that they had better step up their game if they didn’t want to find themselves trailing the remainder of the match. The host Hawks would wrap up the next two sets to secure the match. Kira McPhail led the team with eight kills and a half dozen blocks. Bella Hawk served up a trio of sizzling spuds too hot to handle, while Carlee Fryberger was a defensive diggin dynamo with 16 digs.

Charlo travels to Noxon this weekend to compete in the District 14C tournament. The top two seeds advance to the Western C Divisional.

Charlo def. Lincoln 3-0

14C Charlo (14-1), 13C Lincoln ()

Charlo def. Lincoln 25-


Charlo def. Plains 3-0

Charlo (8-0, 13-1)

Charlo def. Plains 25-19, 25-17, 25-16

KILLS – C24( Kassidi Cox 7), P20 (Emma Morgan 7). ACES – C9 (two with 3), P3 (three with 1). ASSISTS – C20 (Connor Fryberger 17), P11 (Izzy Butcher ). BLOCKS – C4 (Kira McPhail 2), P1 (Morgan). DIGS – C62 (Destiny Manuel 16), P52 (Audrey Brown ). (Th24Oct19)

Thompson Falls def. Charlo 3-1

14C Charlo (12-1), 7B T-Falls (11-3)

T-Falls def. Charlo 25-21, 8-25, 25-13, 25-12

KILLS – C 25 (Kira McPhail 8), TF 44 (Scarlett Schwindt 15). ACES – C5 (Bella Hawk 3), TF 3 (Schwindt 2). ASSISTS – C27 (Connor Fryberger 22), TF34 (Riley Wilson 32). BLOCKS – C7 (McPhail 6), TF14 (Belle Cooper 5). DIGS – C57 (Carlee Fryberger 16), TF 36 (Jody Detlaff 9). (Th17Oct19)

Charlo def. Noxon 3-0

Charlo (7-0, 12-0)

Charlo def. Noxon 25-13, 25-10, 25-22

KILLS – C30 (Kira McPhail 10), N19 (Avery Burgess 7). ACES – C14 (Connor Fryberger 6), N1 (Avery Burgess). ASSISTS – C24 (Connor Fryberger 18), N15 (Riley Richter 9). BLOCKS – C6 (Kira McPhail 4), N4 (Avery Burgess 2). DIGS – C53 (Molly Kate Sullivan 11), N36 (Jenna Freeman 11). (Tu15Oct19)

Loggers topple Maidens in Senior Night sizzler

At Libby on Senior Night, the visiting Maidens and the host Lady Loggers engaged in round two of their NWA conference clash. The encounter the preceding week at Ronan had stretched a full five sets with the outcome hanging in the balance. The short end of each of those core sets had extended into the high teens when not dipping into the twenties. The second set had to be settled by extras, 26-24, while the fifth finale almost stretched into extras as well, 15-13.

The outcome of the match held important seeding implications in that the winner was ensured home court for a “play-in” game between both clubs again to be held on Monday, Nov. 4. The winner of the play-in qualifies for the divisional tournament at Dillon that weekend as the 4th-seed out of the Northwest.

Libby def. Ronan 3-0

Ronan (3-7nw, 3-13), Libby (4-6nw, 6-7)

Libby def. Ronan 25-16, 25-7, 25-16

KILLS – R12 (Madison Clairmont 5, M.McCrea 5), L25* (McKenzie Proffitt 10, Sheyla Gallagher 5, Ember Rode 5, Olivia Gilliam-Smith 4, A.Monigold). ACES – R1 (Regan Clairmont), L18 (Julia Martineau 5, S.Gallagher 5, Rode 5, K.Quinn 3). ASSISTS – R11 (Leina Ulutoa 8, Hannah Rowe 3), L25* (Kylee Quinn). BLOCKS – R7 (Madeline McCrea 6), L1 (Gallagher). DIGS – R27 (Brooklyn Kenelty 5, Haylee Walchuk 4, R.Clairmont 4, Rowe 4), L31 (J.Martineau 9, S.Gallagher 7, A.Monigold 6, K.Quinn 4, Rode 3, Proffitt 2). (Th24Oct19)

Asterisk (*) denotes stat variant(s) where alternate data differs: L28k (Proffitt 12k, Gallagher 7k, Rode 7k), L28s (Quinn 27s).

Western B roundup

Mission VB splits final week of regular schedule

The Mission Lady Bulldogs played a pair of competitive games over the course of their final week of the regular schedule as they got their final opportunities to fine tune their fundamentals in preparation for a postseason push.

Down in the Bitterroot at Florence last Tuesday, the visiting Lady Bulldogs battled into the teens in their first two sets against the league leading Lady Falcons. Trailing by two sets, Mission dug deeper and found the focus to flip the script on the Falcons in the third set, taking down Florence by four, 25-21. Having served notice on the District 6B leaders that they had come to play, Florence had to dig a little deeper in order to take the match as the Lady Bulldogs battled into the high teens before they were outpointed.

Sydney Brander had a dozen kills, Maysa Couture served up a quintet of service aces, while River Gonzalez was a defensive diggin dynamo with 19 digs.

This past Thursday, Mission traveled up to Bigfork for their 7B conference finale against the Val volleyball gals. Syd Brander and Karolyna Buck collaborated on just over two dozen kills, while Hunter Eichert dished most of the assists while serving a trio of service aces.

Mission will host the District 7B tournament in St. Ignatius this Saturday, November 2. The Lady Bulldogs drew the 3rd-seed and are slated to face 2nd-seed Thompson Falls. An earlier play-in game between Bigfork and Troy will determine the 4th-seed.

Mission def. Bigfork 3-0

Mission (4-4, 10-6), Bigfork ( )

Mission def. Bigfork 25-19, 25-18, 25-21

KILLS – MSI34 (Sydney Brander 13, Karolyna Buck 12), B11 (Myranda Grey 4, Josie Howlett 3). ACES – MSI 8 (Hunter Eichert 3), B7 (Jessy Frey 2). ASSISTS – MSI 33 (Hunter Eichert 33), B8 (Aubrey Halverson 5). BLOCKS – MSI 4 ( ), B5 (Madison Chappius 4, Inga Turner 1). DIGS – MSI 36 ( ), B28 (Aubrey Halverson 6, Kyleigh Bradshaw 6). (Th24Oct19)

Florence def. Mission 3-1

7B Mission (9-6), 6B Florence ()

Florence def. Mission 25-18, 25-16, 21-25, 25-19

KILLS – MSI 26 (Sydney Brander 12), F7 (Emma Stensrud 9). ACES –MSI 7 (Maysa Couture 5), F6 (Halle Christopherson Emily Kinnaman 2). ASSISTS – MSI 26 (Hunter Eichert 26), F20 (Halle Christopherson 11). BLOCKS –MSI 1 (Karolyna Buck), F3 (Emma Stensrud 3). DIGS – MSI 42 (River Gonzalez 19), F 60 (Sarah Hopcroft 16). (Tu22Oct19)

Eureka def. Mission 3-0

Mission (4-3, 9-5), Eureka (6-1, 10-5)

Eureka def. Mission 25-14, 25-22, 25-22

KILLS – MSI 21 (Syd Brander , Karolyna Buck ), Eur 32 (Katie Schmidt 9, Maggie Graves 9). ACES – MSI 6 ( ), Eur 4 (Michael Shea 2). ASSISTS – MSI 21 (Hunter Eichert ), Eur 29 (Avory Escobar 24). BLOCKS – MSI 5 ( ), Eur 5 (A.Escobar 2). DIGS – MSI 44 (Azia Umphrey ), Eur 71 (Maggie Graves 19). (Sa19Oct19)

Thompson Falls def. Mission 3-0

Mission (4-2, 9-4), T-Falls (4-2, 10-3)

T-Falls def. Mission 25-19, 25-7, 25-22

KILLS – TF29 (Jody Detlaff 9, Belle Cooper 8), MSI 14 (Syd Brander , Karolyna Buck ). ACES – TF6 (J. Detlaff 3), MSI 6 ( ). ASSISTS – TF24 (Riley Wilson 14), MSI 14 (Hunter Eichert ). BLOCKS – TF 5 (J.Detlaff 3), MSI 4 ( ). DIGS – TF26 (Scarlette Schwindt 8), MSI 33 ( ). (Tu15Oct19)

Scarlets topple Trojans to notch first win of season

At Sister Rita Mudd Activity Center in Missoula last Thursday, Arlee jumped out to a 6-1 lead early in the first set, but Loyola would battle back to knot things up at six apiece. The Scarlets regained their momentum to go up 13-8 before the Breakers tied the contest yet again before going on to win the set.

Loyola controlled the tempo of the second set early, going up 8-0 as the Breakers surfed to a two set advantage.

But the visiting Scarlets put the Breakers back on their heels as Arlee took a substantial lead at one juncture of the third set, 18-10, and was on the cusp of capturing it with a 24-20 margin with one point to go. A Sam Clevenger tip kill knotted the contest at two dozen apiece before the Breakers took the third set and the match with the next two points.

Stretching the third set into extras against a high caliber opponent like Loyola showed substantial improvement in the level of competitiveness among the Scarlets when compared to the inception of the season.

This past Saturday, the Scarlets wrapped up their regular schedule with a cross classification clash with the District 7B leading Lady Lions of Eureka. Emily Fiddler led the team in kills with a half dozen and dug out just over two dozen digs on defense. Halle Adams had a combined nine solo blocks and block assists.

Arlee will have already traveled to Deer Lodge for a play-in game on Tuesday. The winner advances to competed in the District 6B tournament at Florence this weekend.

Eureka def. Arlee 3-0

6B Arlee (1-15), 7B Eureka ( )

Eureka def. Arlee 25-16, 25-10, 25-8

KILLS – Arl 9 (Emily Fiddler 6), Eur 33 (Maggie Graves 12). ACES – Arl 3 ( ), Eur 13 (Michael Shea 7),

ASSISTS – Arl 6 (Jerny Crawford ), Eur 27 (Avory Escobar 23). BLOCKS – Arl 14 (Hallie Adams 9), Eur 5 (Katie Schmidt 2). DIGS –Arl 53 (Emily Fiddler 25), Eur 83 (Maggie Graves 23). (Sa26Oct19)

Loyola def. Arlee 3-0

Arlee (0-8, 1-14)

Loyola def. Arlee 25-17, 25-16, 26-24

KILLS – A7 (Emily Fiddler 4), LSH29 (Sam Clevenger 9, Lacey Denning 9). ACES – A6 (Rheid Crawford 2), LSH9 (Molly McHugh 6). ASSISTS – A6 (Jerny Crawford 5), LSH24 (McHugh 13). BLOCKS – A9 (Halle Adams 5), LSH6 (Avery Medeiros 2). DIGS – A67 (E.Fiddler 28), LSH71 (S.Clevenger 23). (Th24Oct19)

Arlee def. Troy 3-2

6B Arlee (1-13), 7B Troy (1-13)

Arlee def. Troy 25-21, 19-25, 25-16, 13-25, 7-15

KILLS – T23 (Montana Rice 7, Ella Pierce 7), A ( ). ACES – T8 (Pierce 3), A ( ). ASSISTS – T15 (Katelynn Tallmadge 9), A ( ). BLOCKS – T7 (Talise Becquart 3, Pierce 3), A ( ). DIGS – T70 (Elaine Folkerts 11, Pierce 11, Tallmadge 11), A ( ). (Sa19Oct19)

Deer Lodge def. Arlee 3-0

Arlee (0-7, 0-13)

Deer Lodge def. Arlee 25-18, 25-20, 25-17

KILLS – A (Saige Koetter ), DL25 (Marion Jones 11, Jordan Smith 7). ACES – A ( ), DL11 (M.Jones 4).

ASSISTS – A (Jerny Crawford ), DL 22 (Amy Fjell 19). BLOCKS – A ( ), DL 10 (A.Fjell 3, Skyla Pierson 3). DIGS – A ( ), DL (Emily Fiddler ). (Th17Oct19)

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